Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tennessee Vacation

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted anything here
Life has been so crazy busy
My grandson Beau is 4 now and our new grandson Cole will be born in August
We can't wait to meet him!

Pauly and I are on vacation in Tennessee to visit his family
It has been great so far

We did some exploring in town and found a great little eatery called Mamma's
We had the plate special which was meatloaf, butter beans, corn, mashed taters, and cornbread
all for only $5.50
It was all so good!
I saved some room for dessert and had the best chocolate cake with vanilla icing ever!

lol we have a garmin and we end up taking what we like to call adventures with garmin!
It sends us down the road less traveled and we see some very neat things!
It can be a bit scary like yesterday though

We ended up on a 1 lane dirt road that dropped of on each side with no guard rails
It went up and down and all around and thankfully we did not run into another car as there just wasn't room for 2!

It was a beautiful but white knuckle ride
Some parts of the road were eroded from the recent rains and it left deep ditches that we had to navigate
The road was a muddy mess in areas and we had to really fly through those so as to not get stuck in the mud

As we came to the end of this road there was a river rushing over it
Pauly got out and walked to the waters edge and said he didn't think it was that deep

I had to decide weather to try to turn the suburban around without going off the edge and down the cliff or if I should just suck it up and gun it and go through the river.....

Going back was not an option!
So I told Pauly to get in and buckle up!
I hit the gas and away we went
The water was pretty deep!!
We made it to the other side though so all was well
My front bumper and lic. plate were spotless clean and it at least washed all the red mud off the bottom of the burban
lol there is still mud here and there but it's much cleaner than it would have been without the river ride

Pauly's dad Dave was in the back just chuckling and having a grand adventure
We ended up in Collingwood where Dave had us go to a shop that was so cool
It was called Junk & Gems

Earlier in the day at their farm Maria took me out in the pens so I could pet the Donkey
I love Donkey's and he seemed to be in love with me hahahaha
He followed behind me as we went to see the next Donkey and then he kept bumping me in the rear end!
I had to keep petting him or he would bump me

The goats didn't want to be petted, they were not interested in us as we didn't have any feed in our hands

The beautiful white horse with blue eyes was so sweet
And there is a cute pony that loves to be scratched on his neck

We are meeting the family at Mamma's for breakfast this morning as they have never been there lol what is that saying about being a tourist in your own town....have to try it never know what you will find


Everyone needs a little Betty in their life!